Developers you can trust,
when you need them most.



We provide you a trusted dedicated, super-awesome developer from our team to work exclusively on your project. Both On-shore and Off-shore based on your requirement.

Simple, Flexible Contract

Scale your team as you need. We can work on full-time, part-time, on-shore, off-shore, dedicated; you name it and we will serve. We provide more than just a developer.

save Time and money

Save your time and money on finding the best-in-class developer. Customize/Scale your team based on your need. Focus on your core business and rest the we will get you covered.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Get highly competitive pricing
A Dedicated account specialist to get your team started today
Work with developers trusted by the world's leading brands.


Time To Market

Time to market is very important for the business, it doesn’t make sense to release a product 6 months down the line if it can be released in a month’s time. Why waste time in looking for candidates, interviewing them, bearing their notice period etc. if you can start your work in less than 24 hrs.?

Cost Efficient

Just by hiring a developer your product can’t be developed. You will need a business analyst to understand your requirement, tech lead to guide your developer, code review, project manager to manage deadlines, QA to test the app etc. And it’s not cost efficient to hire all these people for developing an app/module/website. We provide you all in one package for the cost of a developer.

Custom Team

You need an Android app, iOS app, Windows app, Web app? You name the technology and we will give you the expert in that technology along with our dedicated account manager. Set up your team, and start executing the project from Day 1.

Focus on Business

Business can’t survive if it didn’t make sale. We understand technology better, we have super-heroes who knows in & out of a technology. No more wasting time in managing the tech team, leave it in experts’ hand and concentrate on your core business, run the show.